You’ll always have access to the latest version when you sign in. Nine times out of ten, updates will install with no problems. But occasionally, you might run into an update that causes a conflict with other software you use. It’s usually a good idea to test updates before rolling them out across your business. Whichever option you choose, don’t underestimate the importance of keeping software updated. And keep in mind that, sometimes, applying updates can be complicated.

If you only have a few staff members, this may be a good option. Most software can be set to prompt users to install updates, so you just need to remind your employees to take action when an update is available. One of the biggest challenges is updating (or ‘patching’) software. Software updates can give you access to new functions or fix bugs and security problems.

  • If the memory card drives do not display in Windows, the drive might need to be serviced or replaced.
  • In case of difficulty, support is available by calling our support line on .
  • If the memory card drives display in Windows and work correctly, you are done.
  • Before installing Tachomaster, please take time to review the minimum system requirements and installation notes.
  • Support is available on this number between the hours of 0800 and 1830.

If they’re turned off, simply press the power button to turn software updates to ‘On’. For many businesses, the most important reason to update software is to ensure that security vulnerabilities are addressed as soon as possible. The most active cybercriminals spend countless hours looking for vulnerabilities in the most popular, widely used software products. Those vulnerabilities are what allow them to attack and infect computer systems, and steal or encrypt sensitive data.

Once installed, please simply connect your TomTom navigation device to your PC or Mac and the application will start automatically. To update your TomTom navigation device, you need to install the MyDrive Connect application on your PC or Mac computer. In order for your vehicle to be eligible for an Infotainment system update, the software version of your Infotainment needs to be at 18B or above. You can check what software version your Infotainment system is currently on through the Settings menu, within the Software Update section. The version of the Infotainment system will be displayed as a long string of characters, e.g. ‘S18B_18.25.

Compared – No-Fuss Driver Updater Programs

The device overview page quickly shows what updates are available, and allows you to start downloading them with a single click. Make sure you are using the latest version of MyDrive Connect.

How to install Bluetooth drivers

Wireless software updates enable you to conveniently update your vehicle to the latest software at a time that suits you, without the need to visit a Retailer. They keep your vehicle at peak performance by maintaining key systems, such as your InControl Touch Pro. This menu gives you the option to turn software updates on.

Picking Out Swift Products In Device Manager

After activating this feature, a notification will appear on your vehicle’s Touchscreen when an update is available. This can be downloaded and installed there and then, HP deskjet 2540 driver or you can choose to postpone the update to a more convenient time. No, you do not require an InControl account to perform software updates.

When you activate software updates in the settings menu the vehicle connectivity system will be connected automatically. Vehicle connectivity system updates are only available in Telematics enabled-countries. Both your vehicle’s InControl Touch Pro and the vehicle connectivity systems can receive software updates. Software updates provide the ability to further optimise vehicle systems, such as your InControl Touch Pro and vehicle connectivity systems. Receiving software updates on the go means that you will need less visits to your Retailer. The process is simple, easy to follow and can be done at a time that suits you.

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